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"(708): He was rambling about life and dignity and happiness. but all i kept thinking was PENIS. YOU HAVE A PENIS. I CAN SHOW YOU WHERE TO PUT THAT PENIS."
": People think it's intimidating when a girl is cool with her sexuality, I'm a 180 to the stereotype girls like staying home and being innocent..."
—Tata Young

Rely not on women;
Trust not to their hearts,
Whose joys and whose sorrows
Are hung to their parts!
Lying love they will swear thee
Whence guile ne'er departs:
Take Yusuf for sample
'Ware sleights and 'ware smarts!
Iblis ousted Adam'

(See ye not?) thro' their arts.
The Thousand Nights and a Night, Burton translation
More! Better orgasms. More touching. We really are demon goddesses of lust.
—Naomi Wolf

I'm breaking the news now, boys

Us girls, we're full time horny, too

That's right. I'm a nasty slut with a tight pussy

Love it. I love it rough in my ass and pussy. I Love your big hot dicks.
The Night When Evil Falls, Sheliss Elleness Zurbach.
Women are pretty equal with guys, but need to have love and tenderness to go with it. Of course we want sex sometimes, just one night stands and flings can be just as good for us as they can be for guys, some of the time. I think we go a little deeper than guys can.
—Cindy Margolis
I can't stand up there and sing from the man's standpoint because I'm the singer. So it's going to be from the woman's. But it's not something that excludes men.I think if you listen to my music as a man, it gives you an inking of what goes on in women's minds.
—K.T. Oslin
1988: Charlie perfume has used the independent women to advertise its fragrance since 1973. This year's print ad proves she's sexually aggressive. A man and a woman, both in business attire and briefcased walk away from the camera and she's giving him a pat on the butt.
—Cheryl Rilly, Great Moments in Sex