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WMG for Amadeus. There may be unmarked spoilers.

Beethoven makes a brief cameo.

In the scene at the party, there was a little kid who seemed absolutely fascinated with Mozart's musical games. Was that supposed to be the young Beethoven? He would have been about the right age...

Everything in the film really happened.

This film will eventually lead to Salieri's work being a regular part of classical orchestra repetoires.

If it hasn't already.

Salieri is yanking around that priest with a story of how he murdered Mozart.

Think about it -- Salieri must have known about the rumors saying that he murdered Mozart. Now, here he is in the film -- old, alone and forgotten -- and here comes a young priest who fancies himself "musical", so Salieri decides to test him. The young priest is totally unfamiliar with any of Salieri's work. So he plays a piece of Mozart's. And the priest has heard that Salieri has said that he killed Mozart. Salieri's response is not to confess his deed; he says, "You've heard that?" And Salieri proceeds to spin a tale of jealousy and murder to further embellish his own reputation -- if he can't be remembered as being a greater composer than Mozart, then he wants to be known as the man who murdered the greatest composer of his age.

Mozart was the inspiration for Lady Gaga

  • Seriously, did you see that guy? Think about it: he's crazy, crude, unconventional, and that's what made him so great! If he wasn't the inspiration for her, Gaga's probably a reincarnation of Mozart.
  • Word of God possibly was not anticipating The Lady, but did suggest that composers like Wolfie were the rock stars of their time...