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  • In American Gods, the reason Laura is so blase about killing anyone who poses a threat to ShadowPuppy is that she's already died, and it seems like it wasn't any big deal to her, so why should it be any big deal to her for making other people have died? Either she went to some sort of heaven despite being an adulteress and being guilty of manslaughter and figures anyone who couldn't make it had to really have deserved not getting in, went to some sort of purgatory and figured that it wasn't all that bad, went to some sort of hell and got broken, or went to oblivion or some sort of waiting room and figured it was no worse than life.
    • Recently, I was reading the Prose Edda and came across the part where Odin is on the tree. For the duration the Eagle of Wisedom perches on the topmost branches. Shadow? He gets a crazed hawk whose symbol protects the dead in the afterlife and also works against evil. - Delyse
  • Aunt Nancy. I had to face-palm when I figured out who it was - duh! Clever, Gaiman.
  • Easter resurrecting Shadow -- she's the goddess of fertility, not much she could do, right? Right - until you remember she's also the goddess of resurrection.
  • It recently struck me how cruelly-manipulative this innocent statement was: "Speaking of Bielebog, have you heard anything from him?" Wednesday knows full well, of course, that Czernobog hasn't heard from him. But it goes further: Recall that Bielebog only resurfaces when winter/the storm is over. But the storm was from the heightened conflict between the old and new gods coming to a head -- that is, the series of events that Low-Key and Wednesday fabricated. It's Wednesday's fault that Bielebog has been missing, and he's using that knowledge to convince Czernobog to participate in the war. Wow.
  • Fridge Horror: gods are created because people believe in them. So all those horror stories and urban legends that are convincing enough to make people believe in them...