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The Raccoon Tail: it used to fly, it used to float, and now it flies once again.

A new old-school Mario throwback was announced, then fully revealed as New Super Mario Bros. 2... And the Fandom Rejoiced.

  • The return of the non-tanooki Raccoon Tail (pictured above) is this for both nostalgic value (as it's even more iconic than the 3D Land-featured Tanooki Suit) and gameplay value (it doesn't simply slow your fall this time, it flies).
  • The flying powerup's comeback comes alongside the obligatory P-Charge bar, on the bottom-left corner of the screen as it was back in the Super Mario Bros 3 days.
  • Luigi was confirmed to be in the game on Nintendo's Facebook page almost as soon as the game was fully revealed. This implies that the game is reaching the end of its development pretty fast.[1]
  • This game will be released at retail and the Nintendo eShop simultaneously, making it the first major Nintendo title to ever have a digital release.
  • Looks like Reznor's Bus Came Back. About time!
  • The Koopalings have returned once again, [dead link] and it looks like they're here to stay.

  1. (However, in-game footage of Luigi released so far only shows Luigi in the game's co-op mode. Better start crossing our fingers on that one, as Luigi fans wouldn't be amused by another New Super Mario Bros. Wii-like situation.)