Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney/Nightmare Fuel

  • It's standard for the guilty one to go completely batshit crazy in fury or amazement that their plan has been ruined. However, it gets even scarier with Kristoph, who slams his hand into the desk, his hair flies up as if he's going Super Saiyan, and after that's done, his hair is in a complete mess, his face looks just plain demented, and I'm pretty sure that his psycho-stare is scarier then even Damon Gant's! That. Is. Scary. And when you win the case, Kristoph snaps. With his hair still a complete mess, he puts a hand to his face, faces the sky, and just laughs. It's clear that he's gone completely insane when faced by the turn of events. He's lost everything by your victory; seven years of planning, gone. And you don't hear anything. You don't hear a sound byte of the laugh, there's no box saying "ha ha ha". No, what there is is a text-based "voice-over" describing the aftermath of the case, and how the killer... laughed, all while you watch his final breakdown in utter silence.
    • Actually, Kristoph's hair goes back to normal for his laughing sprite, bizarrely enough. The fact that he apparently fixed his hair just for that may or may not make it creepier.
  • Do NOT perceive Spark Brushel while he's smiling widely. He's not a bad guy for sure, but his grin looks far more deranged and sinister than it has any right to be.