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Take moments specific to the Phoenix arc or Investigations to those pages, please.

  • The part in Apollo Justice where Mafia heir Wocky discovers that the decision of his father to go straight, a decision Wocky had loathed, was done because of his father's desire to protect him.
  • The moment at the end of the 4th case of Apollo Justice where, playing as Juror #6, you choose whether the defendant is guilty or innocent. As the juror leans over the touch screen, their face is reflected in it- Lamiroir, the amnesiac singing diva from the third case. Then, after you press the button her sleeve slips back, revealing a familiar bracelet on her wrist. As the realization sinks in it's simply amazing- her true identity, which she'd forgotten for years, is Thalassa Gramarye, the mother of both Apollo and Trucy, long believed dead. Then you realize Phoenix had planned this all along and you're simply lost in awe.
    • More like "lost in awwww".
  • During the end credis sequence of Apollo Justice, there is the scene with former shut-in Vera Misham.

Vera: I've decided to keep painting. Originals only, of course. I suppose I'll have to see a bit of the world outside to find out what to paint. But, I know there are good people out there, now. I've met them.
She draws in her sketchpad and reveals a sketch of a Troupe Gramarye magician[1].
Vera: The door is open. The world is waiting. Thank you.

  • The end credits of Apollo Justice, when you see Phoenix. Goes something like this: "I never did learn to play the piano. Maybe I'll start taking lessons. Or, maybe I'll take the bar exam. Again." *the picture stills and floats down as he smiles for all he's worth* Absolutely nothing in this game made this troper cry until that moment. He's just so...happy.
  • Am the only one who finds it touching that in Apollo Justice, the Judge gets a couple of lines that seemingly indicate that he himself never believed that Phoenix had been forging evidence, and that he had faith in Phoenix? He's the last character from whom you would expect Character Development, but it's clear that he has developed, in a sense: he's come to hold Phoenix in high regard.

Judge: You do belong in the courtroom, after all.

  • Pretty much all Phoenix/ Trucy moments. Happily Adopted Indeed!
    • Half this, half CMOF with all of Apollo's baffled responses to them.

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  1. Her favorite magicians; going to see one of their shows was the only occasion on which she had dared to venture outside before now.