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  • In the first issue of the rebooted series, Aquaman orders fish and chips at a seafood restaurant. When one patron asks why he decided to eat at that particular restaurant, Aquaman has a flashback of him as a child and his father Tom Curry eating dinner at that restaurant.
  • #4: After years of ridicule for being believed to be useless, a little boy tells him "You're my favourite superhero."
    • Also functions as a great Call Back to the first issue, where an obnoxious blogger asked Aquaman what it's like "to be no one's favorite superhero?"
  • #6: Mera has had a really bad day. She went shopping for dog food, but got sexually harassed by an employee. After beating him up, she got arrested, but after she broke out to stop a guy from killing his daughter, she fled. She sits by the beach sulking, but then another employee runs up and gives her the dog food that she forgot. The girl says sadly, "We're not all like them." Mera smiles and agrees.

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