BattleTech/Tear Jerker

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  • The Exodus of Alexandr Kerensky and the Star League Defense Force in BattleTech. It's quite depressing to read about these men and women, forever leaving behind the remnants of the Star League they dedicated their lives to, knowing that their hard-fought battle to liberate it from an Evil Chancellor has been for naught thanks to the convoluted politics of the Successor States trying to fill the power void left by the war.
    • The House Steiner sourcebook mentions the wife of one of Kerensky's aides who loved her homeworld in the Lyran Commonwealth and her husband equally greatly. When Kerensky's Exodus came, she was torn between her home and her husband. She ultimately chose to join the Exodus, but her decision came too late and she arrived at the spaceport just in time to see the ship carrying her husband leave forever. Take a guess as to what she eventually does.