Beasts of Burden/Nightmare Fuel

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  • The last page of Beasts of Burden #2. The entire story is nightmare-inducing, but that last page, in which you see the drowned Hazel, her dead puppies, and all the other dogs killed by being thrown into the well will not let you sleep.
    • #4 isn't too shabby either. Specifically the part where the gravekeeper is torn to shreds by something that rose up out of a grave, and the only reason his dog doesn't get killed as well is because the man's arm rips loose at the elbow. And for further shudders, the dog is still dragging the ripped off arm behind him on the leash when he meets up with the Burden Hill pets.
    • And #1 is more Squick than anything, but between that Eye Scream part and when one of the characters dies, with their bloody collar sitting there...