Bio-Meat: Nectar/Nightmare Fuel

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  • The series is a survival horror, so of course there's plenty of Nightmare Fuel. The B-M themselves are bad enough, until you realize that their teeth (which are all molars) don't rip off chunks of flesh from their victims, like say, a piranha. They have no way of taking off a piece of their prey before chewing it at all, unlike many carnivorous predators would. No, instead, whenever they attack a victim, they can only latch on, and chew them to death, meaning that you feel every single second of them eating you, up until they swallow whatever piece of you they succeed in chewing off. Worse, they eat every part of you, including your bones. This all means that if you're attacked by a huge swarm, you'll be consumed in in a very brief time. However, when you're only attacked by a small handful, your death will be an agonizingly slow one, as they eat every single part of you. Worse, either due to shock, or some manner of numbing effect from their bites, most victims don't initially seem to feel pain from the first few bites, so many victims only seem to realize something is wrong until they look down and see a B-M, happily chewing away on their sweet, sweet flesh.
    • And then we have America's version, which can infiltrate just about any space, including you, and pull a Chest Burster once you cave into your need for water. Oh, and it's a tentacle monster.
    • Furthermore, Shingo, when he feels like it. Holding a gun to his face? Fine. He'll give you a perfectly calm death smile, and terrify you into surrender.
    • Really, the name Bio-Meat should tell you all need to know about what kind of manga this is..
    • There's a good amount of nightmare fuel actually, and notable in that, for the most part, it manages to creep the Dickens out of you without resorting to anything graphic. The ending to the episode Contract, for example, ranks as one of the most horrific moments in the show.