Blake's 7/Tear Jerker

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Tear Jerkers in Blake's 7 include:

  • In one of the very shocking moments within Blake's 7 is the loss of Gan when he's crushed to death by falling debris from an explosion. It's a truly chilling moment as he dies yelling at Blake "Go! I'm not worth dying for!" before being killed. Up till this point the protagonists had spent a series almost emerging unscathed from such situations, often laughing off the after effects.
    • "Blake", one of the most tragic series finales ever seen on TV.
  • The death of a COMPUTER. Poor Zen...

"I am sorry. I... have... Failed you."

  • The Avon/Anna backstory. Avon's failed bank fraud resulted in the capture of his lover, who was subsequently tortured to death. Later he learns that the Federation only came after them because they thought he was political, and while trying to get revenge on her killers he runs into Anna herself, who's still alive because she was a Federation agent assigned to watch him. She tries to kill him and he shoots her dead. Happy endings, eh?
  • The massacre of the resistance group and later the murder of Tel Varon and his girlfriend in the very first episode. It's not that their deaths are particularly sad: it's that they don't matter. No one will notice, no-one will be outraged and, after a little Orwellian editing, no-one will remember they ever existed at all.

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