Tear Jerker

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"I'm fine. I have something in my eye, that's all. [sobs] ...I have something in my other eye. [sobbing] I have something in my heart..."

Some viewers are impassive when it comes to what they watch. They've seen it all. No fictional death, sacrifice, emotional display or confession can move them.

Except these.

Since most of these involve death scenes, shocking twists, or something just as major, expect many spoilers. However, they can also be as simple as the right imagery, tone, and music coming together - for the sole purpose of working those tear-ducts.

When an entire movie is made up of Tear Jerkers, Hollywood calls it a "weepie".

This being one of the Subjective Tropes, one person's Tear Jerker may be another's Narm, which is often a failed attempt to induce this. Some tearjerking moments, especially of deaths, can wind up being traumatizing.