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{{work}} {{Workstub}} {{Needs Image}} <!-- delete this if you have an image for this work, or if the work is in an audio-only or text-only medium. --> Essence of Waluigi is a Mario fangame made by Ralorche. [ It can be downloaded here.] {{tropelist}} {{Needs More Tropes}} * [[Darker and Edgier]] * [[Drop the Hammer]]: Mario attacks by spinning with his hammer if the "C" key is pressed. {{reflist}} <!-- If you are not comfortable defining categories for pages, leave everything after this line as it is. If you are comfortable defining categories for pages, add categories after this line and delete the "Pages Needing Categories" category. --> [[Category:{{PAGENAME}}]] [[Category:Pages Original to All The Tropes]] [[Category:Pages needing more categories]] {{DEFAULTSORT:{{PAGENAME}}}} <!-- If the page name starts with "A", "An", "The" or a punctuation mark, replace "{{PAGENAME}}" with a version of the name without them here. DEFAULTSORT should be the very last thing on the page if it's used at all. -->

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