A post on a recent bit of drama involving Complete Monster pages and moderator infighting

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I helped Vorticity/Labster found this site because not everyone wanted to trope on Wikia, and because, honestly, there needs to be an alternative to TV Tropes, especially since allegiance to advertisement sponsors and an increasingly oppressive "Stop Having Fun!" Guys atmosphere seems to have replaced the laid back wiki many members of this site used to enjoy.

I'm the tech guy around here, and I mostly just make sure everything is working properly and manage one of the current approved site bot accounts for maintenance edits and other needed projects.

I'm not a fan of admin fiat decision making and prefer to solicit suggestions from the community before making any major decisions, so drop by the The Forums or my talk page if you have a question.

I also do some game reviews for ChristCenteredGamer as of 5/22/2019.

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I write this post reluctantly, but since this has caused an, if you'll forgive my language, utter shitstorm that has drowned everyone in feces, I'm gonna talk about the situation in general and give a solution as a party who would like it be resolved to the satisfaction of all parties.

First, DocColress objected to a tiny Complete Monster page with just one example on it for one game in the Tales series. Fair enough, but deciding to delete the page repeatedly despite disagreement on the good sense behind it was unacceptable. We DON'T make such decisions by fiat here until they are hashed out.

The argument at the crux of this is simple: Those who prefer to lump information all on one page and those who prefer to split it to more relevant pages dedicated to the topic.

Given the subject at hand, I prefer splitting to prevent information being cloned on multiple pages, and that seems to be the majority decision. However, DocColress seems to still object to having the same information on a hub page and on it's own page as nonsense, and concur, given the prior discussion on what the majority voted on, hence this edit to resolve the debate:


That said, the CM pages tend to be battlegrounds, and given splitting the pages for certain media into separate pages keeps it more orderly and makes the battlegrounds easier to manage, I would like to implement a policy GLOBALLY across ATT all CM examples on hub pages be moved to their own pages. On YMMV pages for works, it would be preferable to link to the CM subpage if such is possible to do.

Finally, I just want to register my immense disappointment this required my intervention. This is generally one of the more civil wikis on the internet, and I would prefer it remains that way. I remain appalled at anyone who chose to act uncivil over this dispute, and I want it on record those who did have my official reprimand for acting so immaturely.

If anyone has any objections to my proposed solution or has arguments in its favor, please respond to this blog post, especially and including the following:

@Labster @Looney Toons @QuestionableSanity @DocColress @LulzKiller @SelfCloak

UPDATE: Just want to mention that part of the uncivil actions seem to be because DocColress, who has been managing the CM pages while most of us did not, apparently feels the change that triggered this dispute was a bad way to handle things. While I disapprove of any nasty commentary or actions on their part to register such disapproval, I must concede they had basically been given free reign to manage those pages and did so usually without issue from other admins until this upset the applecart. While Doc has done a wonderful job and I appreciate their service as part of the admin team keeping one of the more unruly sections of the site under wraps, the other admins, I must concede, need to remember DocColress was the one shouldering any burdens in that area most of the time, and I would like to remind them (and Doc) to not get upset over a "turf" dispute, we should all do what benefits this place as a collective whole.

By the same token, while I agree this is a bit of chaos that needs some order, the fact chaos was started over HOW to implement said order is also counterproductive, and both sides frankly should have chilled out a little if you ask me.

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