Blue Gender/Nightmare Fuel

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  • If the Blue kill a human, but aren't hungry, they store the body in a cocoon...after compacting it to be as small as possible, complete with loud sounds of bones breaking and joints being dislocated.
  • The slaughter of the refugees in episode 6. Instead of going with a Battle Discretion Shot, you get to see Choppers crushing civilians underfoot or slicing their limbs away, as well as the Maneater slashing at a mother and her child, or crushing a man in its jaws.
  • The Clincher: the power-sucking Blue from episode 11, specifically what it does to the Axe Crazy soldier who decides to attack it. The thing knocks him to the ground, leaps on top of him, and its tentacles coil around his head. You can hear him scream, but you have no idea what it's doing to him. Later, it reappears, and the tentacles have grown into the soldier's head.

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