Broken Spirit/Funny

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  • Fluttershy tries "The Stare" on an uncooperative Discord in chapter 3. He smugly shrugs it off, seeming unaffected. Then, as soon as she leaves the room...

Discord made sure that the pegaus was out of sight and earshot, then promptly let his ears fall back and his eyes to go wide. He grimaced, rubbing his chilled shoulders with crossed arms, the stare still fresh in his mind and probably would be for ages. "Guh."

  • The scene in which Rarity discovers that Fluttershy has made her "ponysit" Discord counts. Especially Discord's greeting to Rarity.

Discord: Why hellooo, Rarity! Seen your old flame Tom lately? If not I found a pebble the other day that you'd die for! He's a little small, but does size matter to you?"

  • As of Chapter 16, Discord now has a pet chicken. He names it Barbara.
    • Funny because of Mood Whiplash: In the previous chapter, Discord has just saved Luna from a collapsing cave, and "Barbara" just waltzed into the cave while the two were trapped.