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  • It bugs me that in Burnout Paradise, during Road Rage, some of the crashes that could be considered Drive Away are still considered Wrecked or Taken Down.
    • Blame the physics engine and the cars themselves.
    • Smashing up the competition is what Road Rage is all about. You wouldn't want to smash someone into a wall and just have them drive away, but at the same time you have to learn to take it as good as you can dish it out.
    • Sort of like the above, if the point of a mode is to destroy other cars, they'd probably rather risk a normally-driveaway crash becoming a wreck than having people get their cars smashed, disoriented, and thrown in the back of the pack to catch up.
  • Why are the Takedown mechanics so horrifically broken in Paradise? The Takedown 4x4 shouldn't be taken down by low end speed cars!
  • Look closely at the cars in Burnout Paradise and you'll see that there's nobody in them whatsoever! The only evidence of any people in all of Paradise City are the bike riders, and the annoying DJ Atomika - why is that?
    • To keep the game at an E10+ rating? Some of the camera angles seem to be trying to establish no one is in these cars kiddies, no one is hurt.