Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth/Nightmare Fuel

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  • The ore-crusher scene. Dear god.
  • Also the scene where an FBI agent has been covered in Shoggoth acid and can only yell gibberish as Hoover tries to get him to say what he ran into. Eventually, Hoover takes out a gun and shoots him. He then turns to you and says: "What're you looking at me like that for? He was an agent, he knew the risks!"
  • And about the shoggoth itself. It's gigantic, capable of forming eyes, mouths, tentacles and weird "blossom"-things wherever it wants to attack you. One thing that was added to the shoggoth for this game that makes it even worse is that its entire body is highly corrosive and will hurt you just by brushing up against it. Oh, and staring too long at it makes Jack (justifiably) freak out so much his vision blurs and he mutters to himself in a panic very rapidly. If not for the fact that it's sitting in the middle of a bunch of dangerous industrial machinery you would be totally unable to hurt it.
  • Also, when the Fishmen in the Hell Hotel try to kill Jack in his sleep. And they learn he's awake and aware of what's going on. And he's completely unarmed.

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