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The Nightmare Fuel has appeared. It's the killer. Do not die.

  • Whatever it is that's chasing you...
  • Specially, the FOUR whatever-they-ares (that we've seen) that chase you: Katherine's disembodied hands with a dessert fork; Katherine in a Blood-Splattered Wedding Dress with a GIGANTIC BLOODY KNIFE; a giant, mutilated baby screaming "Papa!" who reappears later with a CHAINSAW; and a pair of conjoined lovers' bodies with eyes and teeth in the back.
    • Let's not even start with Catherine's boss fight.
    • Worse. There are nine stages of climbing, eight of which have these bosses. However, from a certain standpoint, Shadow of Vincent and Thomas Mutton/The Dumuzid are the worst. It's not just their designs that make them scary. In these "boss fights" these two are circling the stairway as Vincent climbs. Not climbing after him, CIRCLING him!! Now, it was bad enough for the poor guy when it had to outclimb the ones chasing him up. The horrible realization sets in that these particular foes are playing with Vincent. And it STILL gets worse!
      • Not to mention that Shadow of Vincent at one point turns the entire stage pitch-black, save for his creepy-ass grinning mask, and will kill you instantly if you don't climb fast enough. Oh, and then he eats another dream-climber, Steve, right before your eyes.
  • The Sheepmen. Oh God, the Sheepmen. What happens after they die in the dreamworld. The looks on their faces, they even still got the sheep eyes. (Shudders)

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