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  • Tiaane, when he pulls a Heroic Sacrifice to save a kid who he barely knows. Though he does pop up again later, indicating that he somehow survived.

Tiaane: Every end's a beginning, every beginning an end. And Your end's beginning right now!

  • Tom useing Bodal of all creatures to beat Tangath Toborn. In fact it's so unbelieveable that Bodal thinks Tom's lying to him when he tells him so.
  • The jump-dive styled move Intress pulled in the episode Battledrome of the Sexes in order to save Zalic.
    • Peyton beating Krystella in a battle of the sexes, as Intress!!
  • Beware the giant Dractyl!
  • Yokkis is a cross between this and Crowning Moment of Funny, mostly funny.
  • Tom and Kaz's tag-team match agains't Klay and Krystella in "Dual, Duel".
  • The knock-down human on human fight between Tom and the kids who were destroying the rare locations In "A Rare Hazard".
  • When Maxxor and Chaor go up against Aa'une they need a way to tell the diffrence between him and the shapshifter Iparu. So what's Chaor's great idea? He call's to Iparu and jumps into the "lake of no retun" knowing that Iparu would save him. Chaor's ether amazing or insane, maybe both.
  • both H'earring and Wamma claim they are nothing more than lazy cowards. But if you try to mess with someone they care about, you'd better watch out.
  • All of Tom's Codemaster Matches!
    • Even the one he loses shows how awesome he's gotten.