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"Because, my little artichoke, I'm 16 and you're 10. DO THE MATH!!!"
"Any man who hates dogs and babies can't be all bad."
—Leo Rosten, about W. C. Fields.

Manny: I wuv you, Awnt Cakey.

Aunt Cakey: Somebody get this kid to a speech therapist.
"Oh look, what clever children! See them study, see them learn! How I HATE those goodie-goodies, how it makes my stomach turn!"

[Tommy Vercetti walks into the Cherry Popper ice cream factory]
Maude: Who are you?
Tommy: Your new owner.
Maude: Were you now, or at any time, a child?
Tommy: What are you talking about?
Maude: Were you a child!?
Tommy: Yes! Calm down! What's wrong with you?
Maude: I knew it. A child! A dirty, stinking, sniveling, snotting, vile, puking, crying little baby. A baby!! An awful, horrible, disgusting little boo-hoo! Mommy doesn't love you. You little shit! [Kicks Tommy in the foot]
Tommy: Ow! Calm down.
Maude: I HATE babies, and I hate children. They're dirty, sniveling, snotting, vile, puking little-
Tommy: Enough already! What is wrong with you?? You make soft ice cream, okay? It's purely for kids. What kind of psycho are you? Just so I understand this, why make children happy if you hate them?
Maude: Oh, you stupid, sniveling, snotty-
Tommy: Shut up!
Maude: Brat! The ice cream is a front. We distribute other non-dairy products. And if I see a kid, I put him to good use. [Talking to herself] Don't I, kiddies? Yes, yes I do. Mummy doesn't love you. She HATES you!!

Tommy: (What a nice lady. Still, y'know, I hear there's good money in ice cream.)
"You know, I really hate children!"
Dolores Umbridge, Harry Potter