Criss Angel Believe/YMMV

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  • Complaining About Shows You Don't Watch: When this show was voted "Las Vegas Show So Bad It's Good" in 2009 by readers of the Review-Journal newspaper, the writeup wondered if the "win" -- Criss also was voted "Entertainer Who Needs a New Act" -- wasn't a case of this, since the show opened in the final quarter of '08. As well, this is Criss's first Vegas show, and the award usually goes to long-established performers...
  • Critic Proof: It is still up and running, which goes to show how popular its star is.
  • Follow Up Failure: For Cirque, coming after five acclaimed Vegas shows -- the most recent of which was the wildly successful The Beatles LOVE -- it definitely qualifies as this, especially since so few Cirque elements survived retooling (verging on In Name Only).