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Authors and Websites


  • Recommended by VergofTowels
  • Pairing(s): Diverse. She even has a collection that focuses on as many different ships as she thinks plausible.
  • Not only is she excellent at characterization, she often writes about characters that the fandom forgot. If you're interested in reading about everyone from Anita, to Ease, to Fou, as well as the main protagonists, look no further. Picaropicara provides an engaging and frequently poignant look into everyone's lives.
  • You can also find drabbles on her livejournal: [1]


  • Recommended by Yuite
  • Pairing(s): Almost entirely Kanda/Allen, but there's also Kanda/Allen/Lavi, Tyki/Allen, Cross/Anita, and Tyki/Lavi.
  • Sutlers sugar-coats nothing, romanticizes nothing, and still manages to make completely beautiful fic. The basis of her fic is kind of like no one is perfect, everyone fails in some way, but the best part is when people work to be together or at least have some semblance of happiness. Her characterizations are awesome, everyone seems like a real person. She has great control of the language, especially when describing severe environments. Also there is lots of sex.

Elvin Magi

  • Recommended by Cosman246
  • Pairing: Kanda/Allen usually
  • Amazing writing, usually one chapter. It is usually a Hurt/Comfort story type, but the presentation.....amazing. I have no comment


  • Recommended by MS Pachina
  • Pairings/Characters: Mostly general, but occasionally Kanda/Allen without explicit scenes.
  • She writes Allen in a sort of demented light that is missing from his characterization in most other stories. I recommend her more recent material, barring Unintended Consequences.

General Fics

Stories focused around a certain plot or around a certain character, but not stories where romance is the focus.

My Fair Lady by Momosportif

  • Recommended by Red Savant
  • Pairings: Flavors of almost anything you care to name, and nothing is as clear-cut as you think.
  • Synopsis: Lavi, Allen and a reluctant Kanda set out to give Miranda a boost in self-confidence, but each Exorcist is dealing with his or her own personal feelings...
  • Comments: A very well-written and thought-provoking fic, and despite the sometimes silly premise it can be surprisingly touching.

Sweet Dreams by Eyes-Of-Crimson

  • Recommended by Gemmifer
  • Pairings: Not neccesarily a pairing, but it stars Road and Tyki
  • Synopsis: Tyki watches Road playing with a doll and singing.
  • Comments: A nice, short fic, subtly sinister, elegant and very IC.

time flies, time dies by KandiLandComplex

  • Recommended by Gemmifer
  • Pairings Kanda/Miranda
  • Synopsis: Basically, both of them dying in battle.
  • Comments: It's the language I like about this, melodramatic but in a good way.

Ashes are bitter in her mouth; and this is how it tastes, how it tastes and how it smells and how it feels when the world around her falls to shambles. [...]


The New Teacher by Tensai-chan [Harry Potter xover]

  • Recommended by Anon
  • Pairings: None
  • Synopsis: 'There's just something about that new white haired teacher that's not quite normal...'
  • Comments: Short but good story. Don't let the fact it's a Harry Potter cross-over put you off.

They All Fall Down [2] by JadeOokami [Harry Potter xover]

  • Recommended by Tuesday Slaughter
  • Pairings: Hinted at/follows through with Pairings already in the respective Series.
  • Synopsis:There was the softest sound from the window; he spun to look. He found, much to his alarm, a figure cloaked in black crouching down and balanced precariously on the sill. "I did not expect to run into a exorcist here."
  • Comments: This is written like a book, the Author stays true to all the characters and develops them fantastically. It follows through the manga story line and the 7th Harry Potter story line and merges them in a wonderful way. Best fanfiction I've ever read.

Tropes! Tropes! They're Everywhere! by Chibi Moko Chan

  • Recommended by CJ Croen 1393
  • Pairings: Hinted Allen/Road and Allen/Tyki in chapter 5, Allen/Everyone in chapter 7.
  • Synopsis: Allen, Lavi and Kanda face cracktastic hassles from This Very Wiki!
  • Comments: It's a D Gray Man/TV Tropes crossover. You KNOW you wanna read it.

Bookman by Dhampir72

  • Recommended by mia826
  • Pairings: none though there is that ridiculously funny part where Lavi is dressed as a girl and a young man takes a fancy to him
  • Sypnosis: This is the story of Bookman and how Lavi became his apprentice. It follows their hardships and adventures together throughout the years until they reach the Black Order.

Mana by artbug

  • Recommended by mia826
  • Pairings: some Mana/OC, but nothing gag-worthy
  • Sypnosis: Mana Walker is 36 and leading an average life, living in a small apartment, lusting after his secretary and hating his job. His life will be changed forever when he finds a boy hiding in an alley.

Shipping Fics

Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

Forget Me Not by NerdInAWord

  • Recommended by syriiak
  • Pairings: Krory/Miranda
  • Synopsis: When Krory forgets everything he ever knew about his past thanks to an accident, he grows closer to a certain someone else: a certain nervous, apologetic Exorcist. But what will happen to their relationship, as both friends and lovers, when he starts to remember Eliade?
  • Comments: A wonderful fanfiction about a pairing that is hardly shipped. It's well-written and beautifully made. There is a bit of everything in this: humor, adorableness, and some tears.

Dance With the Devil by karkashan

  • Recommended by belgariad
  • Pairings: Allen/Lullubel
  • Synopsis: A traitor Allen and a double agent Lullubel meet at their flat. Guess what happens.
  • Comments: There's something about this one that just automatically want to ship these two characters.

Lacquer by Animegoil

  • Recommended by VergofTowels
  • Pairings: Allen/Kanda/Lavi
  • Synopsis: Alternate universe. Injured in a war, a mute Kanda finds himself being treated in an old castle that's been converted to a field hospital. Soon he is joined by Lavi, who is deaf, and Allen, a young soldier who, now blinded and lacking an arm, must find a new purpose.
  • Comments: This fic is beautifully written, with a focus on character interaction.

Sacanagem by gunned

  • Recommended by Erin
  • Pairings: Marion Cross/Tyki Mikk
  • Synopsis: His vision blurry, the movements of the body situated in his lap were slow and smooth, the expanse of skin down between rolled up sleeves and white gloves made him think of cocoa powder and milk poured and hardened on bone. Dub-con.

Any Way You Want It by Novelist Pup

  • Recommended by Wolfinators
  • Pairings: Kanda/Allen, Lavi/Allen
  • Synopsis: AU: January 2, 1985; "Wanted- Band member. Must have patience." Allen Walker's gonna need a whole lot more than just patience to keep up with their world of music and life.

Love Sleep, Come Unto Poverty by Rayna Lissesul

  • Recommended by Serendipital
  • Pairing(s): Komui/OC
  • Synopsis: "If you cannot stand to remember what you have lost, give to me your past and I will blank your slate. In return, I will use your body to do His work. Just don't get too attached… because our relationship cannot last. And do not forget… I love you."