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  • All spoilers on this page are untagged, if you are not completely up to date with the D.N.Angel manga and do not wish to be spoiled do not read on.
  • What was up with Satoshi at the end of the dance? Dark is sent away and Satoshi pleads with Daisuke to bring him back...for what? So Satoshi can kill him? And when Daisuke insists that he understands that Satoshi and Krad aren't the same person (something Satoshi has also been pretty clear on up until this point), Satoshi just looks sad and says that Daisuke doesn't understand him at all. Is Satoshi wrong about them being seperate or is Satoshi ignoring what Daisuke said in favor of making a general statement about Daisuke's lack of understanding? Or was he saying that Daisuke's attempt to comfort him really wasn't what he needed to hear?
    • I might not have understood but I think Daisuke was the one disappearing at the end of the dance. Dark was the one whose love was being returned, after all. Satoshi obviously wouldn't want that to happen.
  • Why doesn't Daisuke's family every actually tell him anything that he might need to know? They didn't warn him about Dark and whether he believed them or not, a little warning would be nice. They lied about what would make him turn back and what would rid him of Dark for good (yes, they had to mislead him about the 'sacred maiden' to get him to steal the artwork but if they hadn't just dropped that on him it wouldn't have been necessary). They keep telling him to stay away from Satoshi as the Hikari are their enemies but Daisuke had to get the story behind that from Satoshi himself. They haven't even gotten around to explaining why they steal all of that stuff besides the fact that they collect the Hikari artwork. And Kosuke was gone for years looking into the curse but hasn't seen fit to share practically anything. I don't think we've gotten any indciation that Daisuke's grandfather was lied to all the time so why won't anyone tell Daisuke anything?
  • When Daisuke first met Krad, he said that he wanted to kill Daisuke as he was a threat to Krad's existence. How is this the case? If anything, Daisuke seems to be what triggers Satoshi's transformation.
  • Why doesn't anyone find it weird that Dark could disappear for forty years and come back looking the same as ever? Do they think it's a different person with the professional name Dark?
    • That's probably what they think. Most people don't see him, and if they do it's usually when he's flying far away. They probably assume it's just a new guy copying the guy before him.
  • Since the Niwas generally only go after Hikari artworks, how has no one made the connection and decided to start displaying them in a museum Dark doesn't generally rob?
  • How old is Dark physically supposed to be? His romantic relationship with the fourteen-year-old Risa is really starting to heat up and it seems this happens every generation. Is Dark/fourteen-year-old-girl not weird at all?
    • I think he's meant to look like an older teenager, maybe 16-17 or so (I wouldn't put him past 19 in appearance). Girls like Risa usually have crushes on older guys because they think they're "cooler" just because they aren't kids- it's the same as how 13-year-olds have massive crushes on guys like Zac Efron, who are much older than them.
      • That and this is anime we're talking about. People who, based on their build and height, clearly should be in college are supposedly teenagers is nothing new to the genre.
  • How have the Niwas not run out of Hikari artworks to steal yet? It really seems like it would take longer to create a new one and infuse life into it than it does to steal it.
    • Dark disappears for decades at a time. During that time, the Hikaris can create more artwork.
  • How can Dark actually be a part of Daisuke and not just another entity that resides in his body (which he keeps insisting on with all of his 'I'm you' talk) if he comes to all Niwa males? Daisuke's grandfather's still around.
    • I think Dark is half a person - literally since he's a broken piece of the black wings - and is borrowing half of Daisuke's self to make up the difference. He seems to have a few issues with his nature an artwork though, so he emphasises the part of himself that's also part of Daisuke.
  • If the Niwa men can't get romantic feelings without transforming then how do they ever manage to get their love returned? As shown with Daisuke, they have to run away whenever they make any progress which isn't going to impress their Sacred Maiden.
    • Be being honest. We've already been told that it won't work unless Dark is also accepted, so telling them about Dark would be necessary anyway.