Death Note Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases/Funny

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  • When Naomi is describing to Ryuzaki to L after his first appearance, L asks "Was he cool?" She then proceeds to give a rant about how uncool and creepy he is, ending by saying that there is no doubt in her mind that he should be dead. Of course, this is funnier on the first reading, when you still think that Ryuzaki is L.
  • Mello not being able to keep up a narrative tone. He even spouts a couple of Sophisticated As Hell lines, as well.
  • "I am a corpse."
  • The names of the victims / potential targets. Believe Bridesmade? Blue-harp Babysplit? Backyard Bottomslash?
  • This conversation with Naomi and Rue makes me laugh all the time.

"I am an agressive top. I have never once been submissive even to a traffic light."
"You really should."

  • When B works on his Evil Laugh.
  • During the aforementioned 'I am a corpse' scene, with Ryuzaki lying on the floor, Naomi walks into the room with a two cups of tea on a tray. She has to get past, but instead of walking around, she tries to step/jump over. However, she stumbles, meaning she stands on top of Ryuzaki's chest, while fully clothed and wearing boots. She even mentions that if she had spilt the tea onto him, her reputation as a klutz would be cemented. Fortunately Ryuzaki is fine afterwards, but he does use the situation to make her lie down as a corpse instead.