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  • Death going back in time to purchase the toy horse that Albert had wanted as a child.
  • Death rescuing the Little Match Girl. Death himself shows what he longs most to do, but cannot in his own role.

The Hogfather can. The Hogfather gives presents. There's no better present than a future.

  • Death's encounter with Nobby, giving him the best Hogswatchnight of his life with a crossbow that one of Nobby's favorite magazines, 'had to break both arms of the reviewer to get it away from him'. And you know what? He'd gone up to the Hogfather exhibit in order to give the Hogfather a piece of his mind, because he had never gotten presents when he was child on Hogswatchnight, due to his family's poorness. The way Nobby lights up when he opens it really just made me go 'd'awwwwwww'.
    • Later, Death not understanding Albert's point that the poor get poor things while the rich get rich things, and refusing to do so.
  • The whole sequence with Hex is oddly moving, when Death asks him to believe in the Hogfather.

+++ I am preparing an area of Write-Only Memory +++

What is that?

+++ You would say: To Know In Your Bones +++

    • And then there's the fact Hex is later only willing to work if he is FTB-enabled.
  • Death's attempt at a Hogswatch card.
  • Maybe I am a sentimental sop, but I found Violet and Bilious' spur-of-the-moment romance to be oddly sweet. Particularly:

Violet's lips moved silently. Part of Bilious thought: I'm attracted to a girl who actually has to shut down all other brain functions in order to think about the order of the letters of the alphabet.

On the other hand, she's attracted to someone who's wearing a toga that looks as though a family of weasels have had a party in it, so maybe I'll stop this thought right here.

  • Susan's trick with the fireplace poker is awesome, yes, but it's also heartwarming on behalf of both her and her young charges since, as she points out, it's imbued with the power of their belief, and "they can tell who the real monster is." The roundabout ways that Susan tells her dear old granddad that she really does love him...

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