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  • Funny Aneurysm Moment: One of the book's themes is Moist's economic argument that relying on gold as a standard is a bad idea. Almost immediately after the book was published, Britain crashed into recession and Prime Minister Gordon Brown was heavily criticised for selling off the country's gold reserves several years before, which would now be worth more than eight times as much.
    • To be fair, Moist's argument was that gold as a standard is unnecessary, not bad. Having some lying around for additional capital is not argued as being a bad thing, just that "money" is a lot more complicated than just being worth a certain amount of gold. Still qualifies, though, since Moist was talking about selling the gold to the dwarves...
    • It also contains fairly obvious and accurate Reality Subtext: According to Moist, the Royal Bank doesn't have even nearly enough gold to actually back up all of their money, and the chief cashier says that the arrangement of promising the money's worth of gold hinges on no one ever trying to collect on that promise - which happens to be the very reason why the gold standard failed in Real life.
  • Memetic Mutation: One occurs within the book: "I do believe it is pineapple" is uttered by Vetinari. Barely a chapter later it becomes "THIS does NOT taste of pineapple" in a political cartoon.
  • Moral Event Horizon: It's one line, and easy to miss, but Cosmo Lavish has someone killed over a hat.