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    • Death and Susan both get one, when everything is over and Death asks, clearly expecting the answer to be "no", if she has a kiss for her granddad. Susan, borderline Emotionless Girl and Deadpan Snarker realizes that being what he is makes him more alone than any creature in the universe, actually gives him one, just before going back to her school dormitory and finally letting herself cry over the loss of her parents, who died at the beginning of the book.
    • Buddy goes out to play his big concert, but instead of his guitar, he opens with a song on his harp. Think if you were going to a Beatles concert expecting to hear rocking stuff like "Hard Day's Night", and they open with "Hey Jude". Just the way it's described makes me start to well up every time, and it's not easy to describe a song in a novel in the first place.
      • Oh yesss, particularly Dibbler being disturbed by how the song made him consider things more important than money.
      • Particularly the line about how the song "took every man and woman and thing by the hand and showed him or her or it the way home."
      • The Animated Adaptation makes this song a reality and it's every bit as beautiful as the book describes.
    • Susan's swing... just... Susan's swing.
    • "She felt a little string in her heart go twang."
    • Albert: Normal girls don't get a My Little Binky set on their third birthday! Your dad took it away. The Master was very upset about that. He was trying.

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