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  • ..."Socks w'oot feet?"
  • The Feegles' library expedition.
    • And Tiffany's critiquing of the romance novel that they borrow for her.
  • Miss Treason's last performance.
  • Nanny's attempt at The Talk.
  • Kitten + Cornucopia = hordes of chickens. Werk...
  • The sound of a boatload of Feegles going over a waterfall while trying to sing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat": "Rowaarghgently boat ouchgentlydown boat boat boatiddely boat stream boatilymerily boataargh... CRIVENnnnnns!"
  • The Ferryman's reaction to the Feegles showing up in Limbo: Oh no, not you people again.
  • And his reaction when they start singing again: Will you shut up?! This is hardly appropriate!
  • Rob Anybody reading "Where's My Cow?" to his children.
  • Wintersmith talks to Tiffany as Annagramma snores beside her. Coupled with a Mood Whiplash so quick it'll make you dizzy:

Gnh gnh gnh!
Let me show you my world, Flower Lady. Let me show you all the colours of ice.

  • The sausages.