Dragon's Dogma/Headscratchers

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  • One of the first sidequests you get in Gran Soren involves helping Steffen find the grimoire of a sorcerer named Salomet. Later in the game, it turns out Salomet is still around, and is after magical trinkets, including a ring belonging to the duke. Which begs the question: Why not go after Steffen? If I'm an ultra powerful sorcerer, and some long-haired tool is running around with my spellbook, I'm going to use my magic powers to fill his nutsack with sulfuric acid and take my book back while he writhes around on the ground holding his groin.
  • The next time you're outside at night, look up and ask yourself this question: WHERE THE HELL IS THE MOON?
    • That's probably why it's so dark, there's no moon to reflect light.
  • What prevented Savan from using the Godsbane on himself when he ascended to the position of Seneschal?
    • Personally, I'd say it's because, unlike the PC, he didn't have the will. Seems to me that your Arisen is the first of them (maybe) to break the cycle entirely. Which to me seems to be what the game is all about.
    • But he pulled the Godsbane out of his chest, and if you pull a New Game+ you'll come face to face with your previous arisen, or some random guy and pawn if you have internet access. Implying that that too is another part of the cycle.
    • It may be that being the Seneschal saps the Arisen's will to live or die, so he was forced to simply exist. Most likely the only way Savan would have been able to kill himself would have been when he first became Seneschal, or at the end of his reign.

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