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  • Lance and Moordryd in episode "The Wraith Booster". Also counts as Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
    • When Cain is unfrozen, he and Rancyyd continue their conversation instantly.

Cain: And that's how you bake cookies!

  • 'When Opposites Attract' even though Lance and Moordryd bonding is cuter, Parm and Moordryd bonding is way more funny!
  • Moordryd and "daddy".

Moordryd: Sure. I have to do all the grunt work.
Word: What was that?!
Moordryd: Nothing. I was just grunting.

    • Later...

Cain: why do I have to do all the grunt work?
Moordryd: Because you're my grunt!

  • I like this one scene from "Pride of the Hero". Just after Beau and Moordryd run off together. Artha must give chase, so he hops on the back of the nearest dragon, who just so happens to be Decepshun... The looks on there faces, it's just priceless!
    • And when Decepshun looks at him, Artha just kind of shrugs as if to say "you got a better idea?"
  • Artha pointing out during his first race that he's barely ridden a dragon before...and the race totally going exactly how you'd think it would.
  • Most of Word's frustrated screams have a quality to them that makes them chuckle-worthy
  • Moordryd pulling a mocking What the Hell, Hero? and pointing out that if Khatah's so honorable, why did he break into Moordryd's base to steal the Horn of Libris?
  • Three Times a Hero. All of it. From Artha making meeting agreements that led to needing to be 3 places at once, to him deciding to go talk to Phistus while Parm handles the other thing that needs the Dragon Booster in a flimsy costume...and Lance dresses as Artha to ride Beau in a race.
    • Followed by all three dressing as the Dragon Booster (Lance making an outfit taller than he is that lets him see out the chest) and going to the Dragon Eye compound to rescue Kitt. You'd expect the Dragon Eyes to eventually figure out two of them are fakes. Nope.

Moordryd (with a freaked out Cain): He's everywhere!

      • At the end of the episode Moordryd and Cain are cowering in a closet, where Word finds them.
  • At the end of Faster than Fear Cain and Coershun race past Moordryd and Decpeshun, with Cain screaming that the monster that chased him in the nightmare world of the Shadow Track also escaped and is after him. Moordryd looked over his shoulder, worried, and then...

Moordryd: It's just a Yellow-Bellied Newt, Cain!

  • Everything Vociferous puts Artha through in the "commercial" in Artha the Drac