Duncton Quest/YMMV

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  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • 15 pages in, and we're greeted with two moles "snouted"(i.e. left hanging by their snouts) in barb wire, the wind making them sway, adding some very creepy liveliness to the scene.
    • "Scalpskin" in Buckland. It's a horrible skin disease that's only fully described once(in a mole that's in the latest stages of it), but the fact that it's ultimately lethal is very clear. That the grikes use it as some sort of psychological torture by sending Stone believers into disease-ridden tunnels is the icing on the horror cake.
      • The Wen, oh the Wen! If "twofoot system" doesn't sound scary enough, it has carnivorous rats, cats and dogs, crazy-dug tunnels that twist and produce weird sounds and, of course, the ancient mole system that managed to thrive in there. Which is filled with lecherous old males and very jealous old females that eat the pups of the only healthy and young female in the whole system when she manages to mate.