Eurovision Song Contest/Recap/Eurovision 2010

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    The 2010 Eurovision Song Contest took place in Oslo, Norway, thanks to the "Fairytale" ending in Moscow for one Alexander Rybak. 39 countries competed in the competition, which saw a German victory for Lena and her song "Satellite" (which was a major favorite going in);becoming Germany's first win as a unified nation, and the first win for a "big four" country since 1997.

    Its format remained similar to the year prior, but now with the top 10 scoring entries in each semi-final qualifying for the Saturday final as decided by a split viewer/jury vote (last year, 9 were determined by viewer votes, along with a wildcard from the jury), and votes in the finals being a 50/50 split between jury votes and viewer votes as last year. However, this year, viewers could also cast their votes throughout the performances instead of waiting for the performances to conclude, a sight which would surely make Ryan Seacrest go crazy (given how [[Catch Phrase Lines open at the end of the show.

    This edition provides examples of

    • Ambiguous Gender: Milan Stanković (Serbia)
    • Obvious Rule Patch: The semi-final voting adopted the same 50/50 voting formula the finals began to use the year prior, and dumped the jury wildcard.
      • Fans speculated that the runner-up Turkey could get a berth in the 2011 final since Germany already had one for being in the big four. Instead, they just got Italy to return.
    • Protest Song: Get around the catchy refrain and sparkle shorts, and you'll realize the Lithuanian entry "Eastern European Funk" discusses Western Europe allegedly not treating Eastern Europe equally.
    • Suspiciously Similar Song: Many fans suggested "It's All About You" was a Jimmy Hart Version of "Keeps Getting Better", and "In a Moment Like This" (Denmark) sounded like The Police's "Every Breath You Take"
    • Watch It for the Meme: Moldova's entry "Run Away", just for a certain sax solo.