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  • The entire premise that the sole reason they are reviving the crazy plan to break in and steal the advanced print is so Linus can watch it before he dies of cancer.
  • The scene where Linus is given permission to watch the movie is a complete Tear Jerker. The closeup of the film being loaded into the reel projector is so sensitive compared to much of the frat boy humour of the film.
  • Most of Linus' expressions, especially when he inches closer towards forgiving Bottler for bailing on his friends.
    • Linus watching the movie alone, close to tears and reverent rather than excited as he should be.
    • Linus sitting by the campfire, as he peacefully closes his eyes and passes on.
  • Chaz is a dick to Eric & his friends at the start of the film, but at the end he tells two nerds criticising Eric's comic book to show some respect & ask for his autograph.

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