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Fridge Horror: We know people get tossed out into the Wild Zone for breaking the rules, but there are herds of zombies out there, so how many people really get thrown out there?

  • And when Helen gets pregnant, one has to wonder - what if she has a miscarriage?
  • This troper is more than a little unsettled by the fact that there are no black people in Willard.
  • Timmy bought up an In-Universe example in class at the beginning of the film: if solar radiation reanimated every corpse on the planet, what happened to the ones who were buried too far underground to make it to the surface right away?
  • There's a disturbing undercurrent to the economics of funerals in this universe: Zomcom runs a monopoly on reanimation-proof funerals and its implied that this service doesn't come cheap. The bulk of the population has to live with the knowledge that their final fate is either getting their corpse put down like a rabid dog by their own family or snapped up by Zomcom for cheap labor.
    • Even more disturbing, non-Zomcom funerals are illegal.

Fridge Brilliance: Zomcom can be an abbreviation for both Zombie Company and Zombie Comedy.