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  • Acceptable Religious Targets - their early music generally had anti-Christian undertones, though it was largely just anti-people (being trolls who wanted to eat them and all). Their first three full-length albums each had a short, lighthearted track laden with sound effects and featuring lyrics concerning two men of the cloth who are beset violently by trolls- in the sauna, in the church, even on their way to town. It always ends poorly for them.
  • Funny Aneurysm Moment / Harsher in Hindsight - The band's third album, the acoustic Visor Om Slutet has a rather bleak, almost apocalyptic theme and mood - which is fitting, considering the name means "Songs About The End". The album would be the last one to feature Katla as a vocalist due to a (non-fatal) throat tumor. And a couple of weeks before the album was out, Somnium fell/jumped to his death from the Pitkäsilta bridge in Helsinki. Some irony, huh...