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The rules for the forum are actually pretty simple:

  • All rules that apply to the wiki apply to the forum.
  • The forum is meant to be a supplement to the wiki, not be an entity unto itself.
  • Unlike TV Tropes, a ban from the forums also means a ban from the wiki. We're not ban-happy types and don't want to ban anyone, but doing anything against our policies or that of Miraheze is not allowed (basically, don't be an asshole, don't post criminal content, no hate speech, no Censorware, etc.).
    • By the same measure, while we won't edit other people's posts just because we don't like what they said, we will remove any illegal content or vandalism, especially if prompted to do so by Miraheze. (And just so you know, we won't play games and define things we don't like as "vandalism" to justify deleting them.) Also, due to differences in wiki software, our version of a suspension means you can't edit anything but your own talk page, while a ban means you can't even do that. As a result, suspensions and bans are not handled via this forum like they are on TV Tropes.
  • If you must demonstrate something with a NSFW link, it must be labeled appropriately, like with (NSFW) next to the link. It also must be relevant to the discussion. Posting porn links for the sake of posting porn links is not allowed.
  • Approval for new forums must be done by submitting the proposal to the administrators in the Tech Wishlist And Bug Report forum.

Except where legal requirements or the protection of the wiki are concerned, the rules and policies of All The Tropes are subject to community approval. If you feel these or any other wiki rules are too restrictive or otherwise need updating, please follow the procedure in How to Get a Rule Changed.

If you wish to see previous versions of this policy, or you want to know when this policy was last updated and what was changed, please review the page history by selecting "History" from the menu at the top of this page.