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War made them brothers...

  • The Chamberlain brothers hugging at the end.
  • The spy Harrison, after asking Longstreet to order someone to give him a musket (to participate in Pickett's Charge) is very nastily rebuked by Longstreet, who tells him how he imagines the charge will fail bloodily. Harrison then responds, "Sir, with your permission, I'll find my own musket"
  • Chamberlain inspiring the 2nd Maine regiment to fight again. "Many of us volunteered to fight for the Union. Some came mainly because we were bored at home and this looked like it might be fun. Some came because we were ashamed not to. Many came because it was the right thing to do... We are an army out to set other men free."
  • Directly after the Battle of Little Round Top, Cpt. Ellis, one of Col. Chamberlain's officers, asks Chamberlain to "so honor him" by sharing a swig from Ellis' flask.
    • Also, the new brigade commander:

Col. Rice: Colonel, we were watching from our post above. It was the damnedest thing we ever saw. May I...may I shake your hand, sir.

    • Finally, there's Buster telling Chamberlain he's never served with a better man, before going into surgery he might not (and doesn't) survive.
  • The conversation between Longstreet and Armistead with "Kathleen Mavaurneen" being sung in the background, when Armistead speaks of the powerfully deep friendship he had with Hancock. Also a Tear Jerker when you know what happens. And mirroring that, the earlier scene where General Hancock talks with Buford about the same thing, with no less emotion.
  • After Pickett's charge, when Lee tells the shattered remains of the division that it was all his fault. The men protest vehemently and one even suggests reforming to attack the Union again.