Glorious Bounty

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Glorious Bounty is a webcomic that recounts the non-adventures of four pathetic, third-rate bounty hunters who travel deep space with no moral compass. Each full-length storyline focuses on what goes down after the hit. Where do they go? What do they talk about? Why do they want to hurt each other? Hey, why is that robot spraying acid everywhere? Oh god, sweet Jesus, it burns! Get it off me!

Meet manic-depressive Furious Bruce, with his mysterious past, borrowed face and nunchuks that shoot lasers. The reprehensible squid-like Deevis, professional conman, liar and smuggler of dead prostitutes. Funf the gigantic, raging, idiot, lizard. And PK, the robot that has been programmed to hate everything.

Written/coloured by fringe-dwelling Perth playwright Luke Milton and lovingly illustrated by Australian comics aficionado Edward J. Grug III. The story continues every Tuesday and Thursday.

Tropes used in Glorious Bounty include: