Guitar Hero/Awesome

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  • The real guitarists coming out on stage to play. World Tour had Zakk Wylde coming out from the crowd for a guitar battle, Ozzy Osbourne rises out from the stage, Hayley Williams jumps out from a shower of fireworks to play with you and Ted Nugent rides by on a buffalo.
    • 5 tones it down, but it's still a thrill to see a song load up with someone walking out on stage, to be revealed as Kurt Cobain or Johnny Cash.
    • Hendrix's appearance is toned down by comparison, but still awesome - he simply walks onto the stage, and the guitarist takes one look at him and jumps out of the way.
  • The character's transformations in Warrior's of Rock count as well: GWH As XQ 4&NR=1
  • The Transformations? They don't have ANYTHING on the Final Battle! Lemme tell you about what happens... actually, I'd better not. The Final Battle of this game contains weapons-grade awesomeness that you can only experience the full brunt of if you've experienced it. No, not watching it on Youtube, actually PLAYING THE GAME and EXPERIENCING it. Go get this game. Play the Quest mode. EXPERIENCE THIS FOR YOURSELF.
  • The Stinger for Legends of Rock. Say goodbye to your fingers and at least one guitar trying to nail Dragon Force (video game)'s Through the Fire and Flames on [[That One Boss expert.