Everything About Fiction You Never Wanted to Know.

    Behold the wiki,
    Used to describe many tropes,
    Which you can edit.

    Boku no haiku,
    It is quite doubleplusgood,
    But kind of too short.

    Haikus are easy,
    But they don't always make sense,

    These Japanese poems,
    Five, seven, then five again,
    That is a haiku.

    There are more rules, like
    A kigo to show the time.
    No one bothers, though.

    The Haiku structure
    Stops one from writing long words,
    As they do not fit.

    Haikus can be hard
    To write wait I didn't plan
    This out well oh f*ck.

    Now look at this page
    A haiku about haiku
    Talk about meta

    Syllabic measures?
    Five - seven - five. Oh my God!
    Those poems aren't French.


    Trapped eternally
    Never-ending Wiki Walk
    No escaping Tropes.

    —Spectrum Fizz

    Hey, this site looks cool
    Think I'll click a link or two
    ...Where did my life go?


    Tried to index page

    Link is on Haiku
    But still won't show up.
    Nevermind, my friends
    I was just too impatient

    It is now indexed.


    Wiki catalogues
    Storytelling devices.
    Warning: Addictive.

    —Muramasan 13

    It's for Wikipedias;
    TV Tropes has fun.

    —Reecer 6

    Time to start homework
    Take a break on TV Tropes
    Work never gets done

    —Skysong 8

    Your life is ruined
    Yet enhanced at the same time;
    Will you join our ranks?

    —Mew Cookie

    Browsing TV Tropes
    Wiki Walk engulfs my life
    Wait...what time is it?

    —Mario Master 2008

    If I should die soon
    Put a laptop in my grave
    ...Zombies need tropes too.

    —Dalek Thay

    Now that you've come here
    Say goodbye to your spare time
    There is no escape

    —Dreaming Diva

    A smorgasbord of options
    Listing every detail from fiction
    Still, it's fun to stare at summaries

    —Sabrina Diamond

    That's not a haiku;
    Far too many syllables.
    'Five-Seven-Five' scheme.

    —The Hero Hartmut

    Just five more minutes
    Wait, this trope is new to me
    Morning already?


    The haiku above
    Tells the story of my life
    I'm okay with this

    —Mew Cookie

    You will never have
    A single day of being

    Away from wiki
    —Tau Ceti