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    • Vince Teague, when a muscular ex-con threatens his little brother in the first season finale.

    Ex-Con: I see you again, I'll kill you.
    Vince: Didn't work before.

    • Pretty much everything Dwight does and that includes the wendigo episode where he carried a hungry child wendigo to safety while his leg was caught in a bear trap. Did I mention that wendigo's were attracted to blood?
    • Dwight vs Duke.
    • Audrey and Duke, both unarmed, taking out two armed men, one of whom can read minds, with a combination of Psychic Static and Refuge in Audacity. It's also absolutely hilarious.
    • Audrey and Nathan destroying the bear in "Fur".
    • Audrey tricking the murderous pyrokinetic into blowing himself up in "The Hand You're Dealt".

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