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    • Nathan's reaction to Audrey's kiss.
      • And the entire episode "The Hand You're Dealt" (the pyro one), where Nathan is constantly finding excuses to touch Audrey--hand shakes, high fives, and so on. It would be creepy anywhere else, but in context its adorable since he can't feel anything but Audrey.
        • Also counts as something of a moment of funny since both in-universe and out, every one seems to notice his very odd behavior but they just don't comment.
    • Taking in a stray cat.
    • The Ending of the 10 plagues episode with the happy baby and the shadow rabbit.
    • In "Fear and Loathing": Nathan giving up his ability to feel to allow Jackie to be rid of her much more cumbersome trouble.
    • "Business As Usual": Nathan giving Audrey Lucy's address, followed by Audrey promising she will come back and then finally kissing Nathan on the lips.
      • Lucy Ripley's reaction when Audrey arrives. From Lucy's point of view, she's meeting a beloved friend she has not seen in 27 years.
    • Duke, when faced with the ghosts of his father and the Reverend telling him not to listen to Audrey, that she's a liar, quietly replies, "No. She's my friend."
    • "Silent Night": Audrey getting Nathan and Duke the present they wanted.