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  • What's up with this site? They used to have cool Eggs, but then people there just list references. The worst someone can do is bombard it with one-stars, but you can't get rid of entries.
    • I agree with the above. Easter Eggs are secrets you have to work to find, they are not a reference to something you might come across by accident.
  • Finding one a year (or, worse, years) after it was hidden. They don't really have a smell if you use wax or otherwise mostly-impermeable paints, so if somebody tends to reuse themes or paint generic eggs, it's possible to accidentally crack open a 365+ day old hard boiled egg. Someone ought to make little date stickers for the Easter of each year, or an egg stamp like those librarian due date stamps but curved to fit the shell.
    • ...Oh.
    • This is why you always have an egg count. We used to do it with the painted eggs, but not with the plastic ones with candy inside, so while we never found real ones, we would find eggs with months old chocolate that's been exposed to the elements.
      • Wow. If you have old eggs that lasted over a year with no outward signs of decay and never got eaten by any passing animals, you need to send that little guy to the Smithsonian.
    • Or you could have an indoor egg hunt. The frequently-used space means that the eggs will be found as soon as they start to smell; and houses naturally have many more nooks and crannies that eggs can be hidden in, creating a more interesting egg hunt.
    • Or do what my family always did and use the plastic eggs. Added bonus: if you want to encourage competition, minor prizes can be put in each one - we had small change or candy in each one.
  • Wait is this about Easter eggs the intentional hidden message, in-joke or feature in a work such as a computer program, web page, video game, movie, book etc. or Easter eggs the ones used to play that game in Easter?
    • Perhaps both.