Heaven's Lost Property/Heartwarming

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Tomoki: Yeah, I know. She said she didn't like candy apples last time.
Sohara: Then we'll go to the shop in front of the station and--

  • If that is the first, then this is the second. Chapter 20 from page 30 to 40. You'll cheer. You'll laugh. You'll cry.
      • As with Chapter 53.
  • Later in chapter 40... Hiyori, an angel forcefully brainwashed and transformed into a living weapon system against her will, is facing down the person she truly loved before becoming a death dealing killer (and now specifically created to kill). Hiyori looks upon him with nothing but contempt, as her reprogramming dictates, but Tomoki looks up at her and declares that, "I will save you." The weaponized Hiyori still maintains a face of hatred towards him, and in a few seconds will initiate her next attack to try and kill him, but unbidden tears fall from her eyes because underneath that false killing intent, the real Hiyori knows Tomoki will succeed in freeing her: Heavens be damned.
  • Who can forget Astrea's moment in chapter 31? She is told by the master of Synapse to go finish off Ikaros because Chaos was taking too long. Everyone expects her to do that, but instead she BREAKS HER OWN CHAIN, and fends off Chaos in close combat. Pretty damn good from The Ditz, and she would have been able to finish her off if she had a long range weapon.
    • chapter 46. Tomoki + Chaos + Shoes = one major Awwwwwwww moment.
  • In chapter 60, there are the usual hijinks: Astrea's promised cake? Nymph ate it, and claims the youngest child shouldn't complain. Nymph and Oregano start going at it again? Astrea's swept up in it, then used by Nymph as her youngest child barrier against Ikaros' attack. After being blasted off, Astrea starts to long for her own little sister. Only she already has one. Chaos. Astrea then thinks about her fight with Nymph earlier in the chapter. Chrysaor and Aegis-L were both broken in the fight with Melan, and with Nymph and Ikaros' upgrades via the Pandora system, she's now the weakest. Even though her main purpose is combat, she couldn't do anything against Chaos, or Melan. When she voices her worries to Tomoki, he tells her what Ikaros believes. That of all the angeloids on earth, Astrea's the most amazing. Tomoki then adds his two cents, claiming that it's because Astrea's always living freely, without a need for a master's orders. And the real clincher is her ending monologue.

Astrea: Thank you...for praising even someone like me. Thank you... for always being so kind. That's right. I almost forgot. It's not about being useful or not. All I need to do is do what you said back then...To decide for myself! Just you wait Chaos! Big Sis WILL save you. I promise!

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