Hey You, Pikachu!/Haiku

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    Hi there, little friend!

    What shall we do on this day?
    We will have such fun!

    To Viridian!
    A picnic, with Bulbasaur!
    Very tasty food!

    A Springleaf fieldtrip
    Watering can for Oddish
    Watch them all evolve!

    I never did know
    That Pikachu babysat
    For Ms. Butterfree

    Caterpie diets
    Consist of fallen rosebuds
    Cooked by Thundershock

    It seems kind of weird
    To catch fish with Pikachu
    Lemon cupcake lunch

    Today, I have treats!
    No, Pikachu, don't steal them!
    Oh? For Caterpie?

    Pikachu is sad.
    He is sorry for stealing.
    Hey! Stay at my place!

    Today? Adventure!
    Off to Olivine Lake! Oh?
    Poor small Poliwag.

    Oh no, Haunter! Quick!
    Zap that Ghost! Great job, my friend!
    Let us take them home.

    Where is Pikachu?
    He is angry, don't know why
    Time for megaphone!

    Pinatas? How fun!
    Wait. No. Left - right! Swing! Swing! ARGH!
    I hate pinatas.

    Camping out! What fun!
    Oh no, it's Haunter again...
    Quick, use Thunderbolt!

    A harmonica!
    We will use it to summon
    Our friend, Lapras

    He will take us both
    Across to the Cobalt Coast!
    Treasure hunting: whee!

    A chest - quick, Pika!
    Dig it up! A signpost? Dance!
    Pirate treasure: plastic?

    Up the cliff! Come, come!
    Thunder! Fire the cannon!
    Do your ears still ring?

    Days pass, so many
    Romping with my little bud
    He is way too cute!

    A secret mission!
    Pikachu, go shopping for
    A new telescope!

    To keep him on-task
    I'll follow with snakelike stealth
    In a cardboard box

    It takes him some time
    To remember what to do
    That night, we see stars

    Come the next morning...
    We must say good-bye for good
    I am sad; I cry

    Those big shiny eyes...
    But it's for Pikachu's good
    He leaves with the herd

    I remember him
    Singing so happy and cute
    I cry once again

    But then, a loud zap!
    Pikachu came back to play
    We'll play forever!

    Hey you, Pikachu!
    Are you feeling very fine?

    We will have such fun!

    —Sparky Lurkdragon

    This mission is hard
    Don't hit any bananas!
    I hate pinatas.

    —Lalalei 2001