Hidamari Sketch/Heartwarming

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  • Yuno comes down with a heavy cold and has to stay in bed. Miyako checks up on her and decides that she should change her into a fresh set of pajamas, which is not that easy since Yuno is just about unconscious from her fever. Miyako's funny comment when she spots a mole on Yuno's body only adds to the total sweetness of the scene.
    • The second season, however, blows it out of the water in its last episodes, after Sae apologizes to Hiro after the two spend most of the episode avoiding one-another like the plague, and Hiro collapses into Sae's arms in tears. Again, Miyako throwing Sae a pillow to help her cushion Hiro falling in her lap makes it another insanely sweet scene.
    • Sae doesn't express her express her feelings that well toward her younger sister Chika, so just about as often as they speak with each other, it degenerates into verbal sparring. Chika wanted Sae's autograph (using her penname, Aya Tachibana), but Sae ostensibly refused (it's unclear whether she initially refused, then relented, or was just trying to save it so she could make it a surprise), leading to a fight which sent Chika to Yuno's room. After a while, though, all five girls ended up there, and sleeping on the floor. After Chika is gone, we learn that Sae did give Chika her autograph, but what makes it for me is the image of Sae stroking her sleeping sister's hair. Awww.
    • Yoshinoya-sensei has been putting off her work, and her latest thing is making her summer cards for her students. The principal chases her all over school trying to get her to do her paperwork. When she finally finishes, she's rounded up and put to work with Nurse Kuwahara on watch. The principal finally motivates her by saying they'll go play with fireworks after she finishes. She does, and they do. While Yoshinoya is making shapes in the air:

Kuwahara: She really is a handful.
Principal: But she cherishes her students and has a never-ending passion for art.

  • Hoshimittsu: the scenes showing Nazuna's character development -- most notably when she finally decides to join the morning exercises.
  • The end credits of the first SP special. Yuno is sleeping in her room alone when her friends sneak in and do little favors for her. Hiro leaves her some cake, Sae leaves some books, Nazuna and Nori cover her with a blanket, and Miyako either writes a note or draws a picture for her. Watching Yuno in her dream before she wakes up and notices everything makes it even more endearing.