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About goldfish. Even though they are called "goldfish", they aren't gold-colored, are they? The "blue light" on traffic lights too. Aren't they green? Things like that make me sick... And what's up with "water-colored"... Isn't water transparent...

—The Original It Just Bugs Me speech as sampled on the index page, by Yuno.

Actual Headscratchers start below

  • What's with the characters becoming Super-Deformed at any random time? Is it supposed to be funny? Cute? Really annoying? To me, it's the latter.
    • It's not random. Characters are superdeformed when there is a punch line in that frame. You see, there are frames where some are superdeformed and some not...
    • One word: nutbladder.
  • If Yamabuki has a lot of out-of-region art students[1], then why the Hidamari Apartments seemed to have a problem getting filled? It's like a college-town apartment complex being at least 1/3 empty for a long time.
    • Its reputation? I mean, when you have that reputation, who want to normally come in? There also might be about rental vs train cost issue, or someone just like to stay at their home (This troper, for example, lives 30km from his university, but don't stay in dorm because he likes to stay at home).
  • One effect of the anachronic episode order is that characters in the first season have a tendency to describe events that happened in a later episode. It's as though they weren't sure they were going to get to show those events happening, and they wanted to get the stories out. It's especially jarring as they did eventually get to show them happening. Either way, I would just as soon have had them tell the story at hand and maybe refer more vaguely to past events, and let the appropriate episodes tell more of the story.
  • Miyako's cat paw print 'tattoo' is up-right but the cat that likely 'gave' it to her was lying horizontally on her stomach. Sort of jarring.
  1. As rail is convenient in Japan, many students commute up to an hour by rail--just look at Lucky Star and calculate how far are the Izumi-Kobayakawas (of Satte, Saitama) and the Hiiragis (from Wagashinomiya, Saitama) from their school at Kasukabe, Saitama.