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  • Okay, for some bizarre reason Marvel doesn't want Spider-Man film action figures to be in convention videos. Why does Randomguy use them at all? It's not like he doesn't have any number of minor Marvel characters available to use.
    • I guess because for the most part, they look better. For example, the Gobby action figure is much closer to what we imagine to be Green Goblin in the comics. Also, it looks to me like most of them articulate better, showing a wider range of action and emotion.
    • Huh? He uses the movie action figures because he thinks they look better. In any event, the movie figures are now "standard." Any other action figure is deviant and creates comment.
  • Why did Batman have to grab Spidey's hand at all? Can't he, you know, stick to walls?
    • Rule of Drama, and he might have been far enough away he couldn't have stuck.
  • I've noticed that sometimes people add stuff about "Rorschach and Deadpool" to Deadpool's articles, as if they belong in the same canon as the original comic books (Someone better check the Moment pages for these; I remembered I haven't yet.) Do they ever do the same to the Watchmen articles?