Inspector Lynley/Tear Jerker

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  • Barbara's seeming Heroic Sacrifice in "If Wishes Were Horses". Lynley's reaction is heartbreaking - all he can do is desperately cry Barbara's name.
  • The end of "In the Blink of an Eye" when Helen is shot and killed while Barbara tries desperately to save her and Lynley can do nothing but stare in shock.
  • Barbara collapsing in tears and sobbing hysterically into Lynley's chest in the aftermath of being held hostage at gunpoint on her first case back from being shot in the line of duty the previous episode. The way he holds onto her as though he'll never let go makes it worse. They're terrified and clinging to each other as though they have nothing else to hold on to, and Nathaniel Parker and Sharon Small make viewers feel every bit of it.
  • The climax of "One Guilty Deed".